DIY landscaping

After one of the worst winters in history, spring is here! With the excitement of warmer weather comes the task of landscaping the yard that you haven’t seen out from under the snow in months. Whether you’ve never held a spade before or you are …

Garden beautification

After such a lingering and drab winter, bringing color and life into your outdoor landscape is a sought-after prospect this spring. Before you can welcome beautiful hues and robust vegetation into your garden, a few objectives need to be taken care of first. Ryan T. …

No more cold weather woes: spring into action armed with lawn care advice

After a long and nearly intolerable winter, spring has finally arrived. The prolonged cold weather has brought several challenges and, in many ways, has made good lawn care this spring critical. Salt, used in driveways and on sidewalks, for example, will destroy the roots of …

Backyard dreams: Getting into the garden


Here are some great ideas for turning your back yard into a very, very special place. And browse the photo gallery for some pictoral ideas.

How to get and keep a greener lawn


An expert on lawns and gardens weighs in on the right grass seed and fertilizer to make a lawn green and lush even during droughts. Also discover the magic of mulch.

Patios are becoming more livable


Features such as temperature control, retractable awnings, sound systems and adjustable lighting have made patios attractive places to spend more time.

Getting the lawnmower ready for the summer


Spring’s coming and the lawn will soon need trimming. Make sure the lawnmower fires right up by getting it prepped as spring nears.

Prepping your yard for a spring party


Among the ways to prep your yard for a spring party is eliminating the possibility of a pest-invasion, removing ugly weeds and making your landscape look more lush and green.

Get your kids growing in the garden: Start with strawberries


With school months from being let out, parents are beginning to dread those long, summer days with nothing to do with their kids. Get your children growing in the garden this spring and summer with planting their own strawberries. Not only will you and your kids love having something fun to do together, but growing strawberries will teach your child valuable lessons about nature and responsibility.</

Tips for new vegetable gardeners


According to a 2010 survey by the National Gardening Association, 43 million households grew their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, up 19 percent from 2009, and 21 percent of food gardening households were new to gardening. "It is likely that the number of new vegetable …

Use flowers to reflect your personal tastes in the garden


Flowers are like clothes, fashions for your garden that reflect your personal tastes. See what’s new, as a long-time greenhouse grower lists the top new buds of 2012.

Trees bring home beauty, endurance and value


Trees are big investments for homeowners, adding beauty, shade, color and value to the property. Here is a rundown on what’s available, and how to ensure you plant it right for the most value for your money, time and effort.

Shade trees


The most commonly known are maple, oak, linden and pear, but it also include the elm, honeylocust and willow. Most popular is a maple called Autumn Blaze, a cross between silver maple (fast growth) and red maple (fall color). It will tolerate different soils and …



Most popular are the crab, serviceberry, redbud and birch, but this group also includes cherry, dogwood and hawthorn. One of the most popular is the three-stem river birch, an unusual tree with three trunks growing up from the ground and an interesting white/black bark. Uses …



One of the most popular of all trees for several reasons: winter habitat for non-migrating birds and small animals, natural snow fencing, wind blockage, and color all year. The three “branches” of evergreen are spruce, pine and fir, the differences being mainly in the needles …

Evergreen shrubs

Same as evergreen trees, only shorter. Poular uses include hedging, borders, accents, and out front where taller trees might “overshadow” home architecture. Best known are the juniper, yew and boxwood. For variety, visit online at …

Deciduous shrubs


Similar to evergreen shrubs, these are used as accents, and for variety of height in the garden. Popular are the Blackhaw viburnum, which shows a white flower in spring and purple foliage in the fall, and the hydrangea. Also in this group are the spireas …

Bird feeder battles: Winning the war against squirrels


For bird lovers, the sight of a bushy tail hanging off the side of a feeder means just one thing: war.   Sure, squirrels have to eat, too, and no one wants to harm the persistent critters. But that doesn't mean you have to put up …